Why Being Career-Focused Can Help Rockford Addicts Stay Sober

Rockford has a big addiction problem, as does the entire Chicago area.  At the same time though, Rockford also has a pretty big workforce.  In fact, the vast majority of individuals in Rockford between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five are in fact employed.  This presents an interesting conundrum then, as simple logic tells us that the majority of those addicted in Rockford do have jobs.  Some think that working can to a degree inspire substance abuse because someone who is working always has spare money on him or her and this is where they tend to abuse drugs and alcohol. These individuals whom are working extra hard to have spare money available for drugs, need to seek help at a substance addiction Rockford center. However, working a full time job and pursuing a career in Rockford can just as easily inspire sobriety too, like in the following examples:

carreer focused

  • Work teaches you that everything inevitably is a process, just like recovering from drug and alcohol abuse is a process in its simplest form. Regular supervision or performance reviews are an excellent opportunity in one way or another to be mindful about your progress towards learning a new skill or completing a project of one kind or another.  Instead of measuring success by focusing on an end-goal or completion date, engaging in work that can’t be “finished” actually bolsters cognitive growth and keeps one away from abusing substances.  Go easy on yourself though, as your recovery from drugs and alcohol, just like your job, is a work in process.
  • At work you are always undoubtedly honing your ability to stay focused and manage distractions, (like substance abuse). Your job probably requires you to manage a series of tasks, deadlines, and maybe even bosses or clients with competing interests or ideas of what might be right or wrong to do. Adults who regularly devoted mental energy to these tasks were shown to score higher on tests measuring abstract reasoning and attention control of one degree or another. Competency in these skills can prepare you for positions in management and supervision, and they can also help you to inevitably stay focused and limit distractions that trigger your impulse to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Solid professional relationships make work easier because everything works more as a team.  Staying sober is a team effort too.  Many people have at least one colleague at work they can go to for feedback and support through professional challenges and tasks.  Researchers have found that professionals of one kind or another who work in environments that require interacting with a large number of people retain levels and ideals of cognitive functioning at a much, much higher rate than their technologically advanced but more socially isolated peers. Talking through an idea with another person will help you tackle the problem at hand. This skill can follow through into your personal life too, making your recovery easier to maintain by helping you build a solid support-network of peers and mentors in recovery and drug rehabilitation Rockford.

Work helps a lot for those who are recovering.  A working lifestyle will imitate in a lot of ways the attitudes and routines necessary to stay away from substances like joining a drug rehab in Rockford.  For Rockford addicts, this is exactly what is needed from them to beat addiction once and for all.

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