Real Effects of L- Arginine – Read Further To Know More

L-Arginine has proven clinically to provide a range of health benefits. Being a precursor of Nitric Oxide, it is a favorite of athletes. This is because it helps in strength building. Arginine is typically required for children’s growth too.

Increasing Nitric Oxide is always good for human health because it expands the blood vessels, helps transportation of blood to different parts of the organs along with several other nutrients. It relaxes the inner most lining of the arteries and veins and helps them to expand. While the blood is transferred to different parts, it does not increase your blood pressure level.

It is the best supplement for athletes because their muscles get more oxygen. When required nutrients and protein is available to the body, sports persons like athletes, body builders and weight lifters, get better with workouts and exercise regime.

Sports persons generally have a tendency to get hurt, but do not worry, as the recovery time is reduced if you have been consuming L-arginine.

The benefits

L-arginine is very good for the following purposes:-

  • It helps in curing chest pain
  • It increases the immunity of the consumer and the performance level
  • It diminishes problems associated with erectile dysfunction
  • Treats infertility in both men and women
  • Enhances the libido level
  • Treats disorders related to hypertensive
  • Decreases inflammation in kidneys
  • Helps in recovering post surgery and workouts
  • Supports urea cycle and eliminates bad chemicals like ammonia
  • Do you have migraine? It is a real help for you

Food sources that contain L-Arginine

In healthy people, arginine is produced by the body in sufficient quantity to meet the metabolic needs. However, if you are ill then you may have to get additional amounts through supplements or food. Some of the examples of food sources that have L-arginine in them are:-

  • Many species of fish and red meat
  • Corn
  • Oats and wheat germs
  • Several nuts and seeds
  • Raw chocolate
  • Wild rice, fiber rich cereals and buck wheat
  • Many dairy products

Who should not have it?

Though blessed with several benefits yet there are some who should not take this supplement:-

  • People who have liver disease or problems related to kidneys
  • Disorders related to bleeding
  • Allergies/ asthma
  • Low blood pressure

Prevention is better than cure. Though made to benefit the human body in the best possible way, it is better to check with a practitioner before you start with L-arginine. Be smart and stay healthy.

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