Best Physiotherapy Exercises For Strengthening Your Legs

If you have ever been told that you have weak leg or hip muscles, then maybe you should visit a physiotherapist and let him prescribe you the appropriate exercise that can help you strengthen those muscles. If you are looking for a podiatrist instead, then you can simply visit and ask for information and help.

Actually, the weakness in leg and hip muscles is quite common, even for athletes and people with active lives. However, this weakness is usually the cause of injuries because of tightness. This is why regular exercises to strengthen these muscles will do you good to prevent the injuries from happening.

The exercises you need to know about

These exercises that will be mentioned shortly should be done at least 3-4 times a week and each one of them should be of 2 sets and up to fifteen repetitions. From the list below you can select the ones that help you strengthen the right body part.

  1. Single leg squats

This exercise is good for leg muscles, and you should begin by standing on one leg. Then push your hips back, just like if you were to sit down and as you do so, bend your knee into a position like a single squat. After that slowly return to your beginning position and keep that knee align to the center of your foot.

These exercises will surely help you strengthen your leg muscles

  1. Abductors using a band

This is quite simple; all you need is a chair and a band. Place a chair beside you and keep your abs tight and your back straight the whole time. As you lean on the chair, move your outer leg while keeping your inner leg and hip straight.

  1. Clamshells for outer hip muscles

If you feel like some of your muscles are weak, you can always call the physio Sydney CBD like ModPod Podiatry, and if you have weak hip muscles then you should do this exercise. Lay on one side with a band wrapped just above your knees, on your tights. As you are doing this exercise your hips should be flexed a bit and your head should be supported.

  1. Squeezing something between the legs for groin muscles

Groin muscles also need to strengthen and the exercise is quite simple. You should lie on your back and put a pillow or a ball between our knees as they are up. Then you should lift your groin without moving your head or your feet, and with every lift, you should squeeze the pillow or the ball between your legs.

  1. Hamstring curls

Another simple exercise that will help you strengthens your legs. All you need to do it is an elastic to secure the object and tie it to your leg. While you lay on your stomach, you should bend your knee as much as it is possible, and do it slowly or you might pull a muscle instead. After returning to the start position, repeat the exercise a couple of times and do not lift your hips.cdcsc

If you feel pain in your feet, you should visit a podiatrist

Final word

There are many other ways you can improve your leg muscles, and you can check it out here. However, if in any case, you feel feet pain or any kind of leg pain in general, you should visit a podiatrist instead. You can even ask your podiatrist or physiotherapist to recommend some good exercises that will help your case, so try not to avoid something that should not be avoided.

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